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Re: Epson 3000 setup

Baloney. That is a typical patronizing attitude found among many salespeople
selling "technical" items. If you can read, you can do it yourself. Better yet,
if you can follow a recipe you will find this no different. The setup for the
3000 is no more complicated than any other printer. Don't know if you will be
installing the Epson RIP, but if you do not need RIP (and you don't if you are
printing directly from Photoshop or any similar program) would suggest not
installing it until you've hooked up the printer, installed the driver, and
checked it out.

J. Lipmanson

ACC0147@cs.com wrote:

> I have ordered an Epson 3000 from an online source at a $200 savings. I have
> not yet received it.  However today I was talking to a rep from one of the
> retail outlets and he said that I will probably not be able to set this up my
> self.

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