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Re: Color management in "Real WORld Photoshop"

In a message dated 1/9/00 8:48:17 PM, jerry_olson@und.nodak.edu writes:

>Out of curiosity, what do people who use Illustrator or Freehand do? 
>You basically have no choices at all regarding color managment in these
>programs. How do YOU get good color? I really have never had a problem
>getting quite nice color from illustrator. How come?
Nice is fine, accurate is another issue; vector programs are a couple 
generations behind in color management, the only practical solution at the 
moment is software form PraxiSoft called Vector Pro (for making Vector 
pallettes) and Compass Pro XT (for applying them in Quark) or ICC Autoflow 
(for applying them in several programs).

Other than that about all you can do is to apply your color management before 
you place bitmaps in thses programs, so the images are already in the printer 
space. Note that this does nothing for vector colors...

C. David Tobie
Design Cooperative
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