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Re: wizi

At 06:09 PM 1/9/00 -0800, you wrote:
>> I don't intend to use Wizi profiles with Epson
>> inks/media -- I just don't think that combination
>> needs any improvement at all from Wizi.  In fact,
>> that combination continues to be my reference.
>> I've never seen any ink/paper combo produce
>> a better print, with or without profiles.  Epson
>> ink on Epson Photo Paper.  Gotta love it.
>I found a significant improvement using wizi for
>epson photo paper.  Especially in the neutrals and
>it took out the extreem reds that the epson
>profile produced.

Guess I'm not seeing that.  And I also
would be surprised if Epson themselves
hadn't optimized the daylights out of
their own paper-and-ink profiles.

Perhaps I'll give it a try... but not
tonight ;-)

I can see this whole game escalating 
another notch.  First comes Wizi, which
provides cheap but slightly buggy 
profiles.  Next comes a Profile Editor,
probably even more $$ than Wizi.  Then
you'll ditch the whole thing, 'cuz you
realize you need a better delta-e than
Wizi can give you...  so it's off to
X-Rite, then Gretag, and then to the
bank to re-mortgage your home.

rafe b.

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