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Re: Rafe Meets Wizi

At 02:30 AM 1/9/00 -0700, Gary Hunt wrote:
>At 11:26 PM 1/8/2000 -0500, rafeb wrote:
>>So now I'm wondering how to proceed...
>>1.  Tune the image to  make it look right
>>    again in print, or
>>2.  Tune the profile itself so that the
>>    print matches the screen (with the Wizi
>>    profile at present, it doesn't)
>>3.  Redo the profile and see if it happens
>>    again, maybe with a different paper-type
>>    setting?
>>Suggestions?  Comments?
>>rafe b.
>Assuming you haven't made any of the obvious
>screwups with settings that I did the first few
>times (which sounds doubtful from what you said
>earlier), the only things I can think of to suggest are
>(1) make sure the test prints are really dry before
>you profile with them--it made a visible difference in
>my case; and (2) try a different scanner.  I haven't
>been able to try that myself yet, but in principle it
>sounds easy--scan the test printout/IT-8 target
>combination on some other scanner, save the
>file as an uncompressed TIFF, and read it back
>into Wiziwyg.  (Unfortunately the resulting file is
>too big to fit on a floppy disk, which is why I
>haven't done it yet.)

I do believe that Wizi is acting more or less
"sensibly" and that I'm using it right.

Your suggestion about letting the print dry is
a good one... I'll try again.

I know it's important to keep the scanner settings
dead-flat neutral, with "auto" color correction turned
off.  But what about the gamma or brightness setting
on the scanner?  Might that affect the very darkest
tones in the scanned image that Wizi analyzes?

I know these are all supposed to come out in the
wash, but if all of the dark patches yield figures
close to zero, then I can see where Wizi is going 
mess up.

I'm really not interested in the scanner profile
itself, and have no plans to use the Wizi-generated
scanner profile.

rafe b.

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