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"Custom Settings" on 1160 Driver ?? &(^%$

In trying out Wizi, per Ian Lyon's excellent
instructions, I generated a custom "Printer
Settings" in the Epson driver to use with this
Wizi profile.  This was the first time I'd
ever tried to use such a thing, on the 1160
or any other of my Epsons.  I've always done
these settings by hand.

As far as I can tell, it doesn't work at all.
I wasted several sheets of nice paper, thought
both the printer and/or my computer were broken.
Reinstalled the printer driver, power-cycled
the computer, etc.

The printer simply would not remember the 
settings I gave it (Photo Paper, 1440 dpi,
high-speed OFF, Color Corrections OFF, etc.) --
every time I went to print, it jumped back
directly into "Plain Paper, 360 dpi" printing

Has anyone else succesfully used "Custom"
printer settings, on the 1160, on a Wintel

rafe b.

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