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Re: OT:fade rates for "real" watercolor or arcylic paintings

John, is it possible that the print didn't really _fade_ but that the no-name (and
presumably acidic) matte yellowed the paper? I have seen yellowed papers that were
stored only a few years in manila folders.

John Goerger wrote:

> I am looking at a print that was done in 1974. It is the Constellation.
> It was painted by Alan Price and is number 182/500.
> It was printed by Triton Press in NYC, unfortunatly, they are no longer
> listed, any list memebers ever heard of them? It was copyrighted by NEW
> MARKET GALLERY. It is printed on BFK rives 250gsm paper. The part of the
> image that was not under the matte is a rather creamy yellow white and
> the part that was under the matte is very yellow almost the color of a
> mannila(?) envelope. I don't know what the original color of the print
> was but I am comparing this to a piece of BFK Rives I received as a
> sample about 2 months ago. The New BFK is  much warmer than our
> GUARDIANú paper. and the paper from the 26 year old paper is much warmer
> than the new sample, almost verging on Yellow. The part of the print
> that was under the matte(a no name matte)is now yellow. This print was
> displayed in an office at weber valentine that has a large picture
> window that faces due north. The glass is plain old window pain glass.
> While the image still looks good, it does appear to be a bit washed out
> and faded, unfortunatly, I have no way to compare this, to know if that
> is the case or not. Also, I'm not sure of the method of reproduction,
> because this is a limited edition print, not the original.  What does
> this say about the subject?

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