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Re: Novice Help

>Well, you may have stumbled into more than you want to learn.  The
>problem you may have is that few people on this list seem to be motivated
>first by simply saving money--I don't remember seeing any discussions
>of "OEM-compatible" cartridges like the ones you find in the office supply
>catalogs.  The 2 big issues here are print quality and longevity (in one
>or the other).  

Well I for one am interested in saving money. I tried the cheap OEM ink
from Frys (I sorry I don't remeber the name) and the color was off, the
prints looked faded and the black wasn't all it's supposed to be.  Considering
that it was only marginally less expensive I didn't think it much of a
bargin. But 
I have to admit that was about 6 months ago and I haven't tried any

I also freely admit to paying too much for some of the heavier papers,
in my rational mind I *know* that once it's framed you can't tell, but I
still love the feel of the paper in my hand. It seems to have more texture,
but that's probebly my imagination.

On the whole I do consider cost one of the factored to be balanced. For
instance I have a sample of "Etching Board Naterual White 310" that
I *loved*. That is I loved it till I found out it was $7 a sheet! (still maybe
for my birthday ;-)

But I do understand, and somewhat agree. 


Vicki Ralls

Xaos Gallery
If Order is Life, then Xaos is Art
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