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Re: PS5 Gamma Problem

> Eg., I get "good" results if I:
> * import into Colormatch, with *no* conversion
> * import into either Colormatch or AdobeRGB,
>   using AppleRGB as the "from" space
> And I get "bad" results if I:
> * import into either ColorMatch or AdobeRGB
>   using my Monitor's space as the "from" space
> * import into AdobeRGB with *no* conversion
> One of Adobe's app notes says that the
> "native" working space of Photoshop 4 is
> AppleRGB...
Sounds like you made your adobe gamma profile with
gamma set to 2.2 and you're on a mac.  Try making
a new monitor profile using gamma 1.8 in the adobe
gamma conrtrol panel.  This might make everything
just right when you convert from "new monitor
gamma 1.8 profile" to "adobe rgb".

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