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Re: Monitor cals/WiziWYG/Generations ink/paper

I am running the same basic set up that you are. I just ran some sample 
prints last night and I got the same results. The only difference is I have 
the Wizi target. I ran the Royal papers and Somerset Enhanced with and 
without using the wizi profile, there was not much of a difference in the 
prints. I think I liked the prints without the profile better. I wish I new 
that before I bought the target but, it may be needed for other papers later 
on. I ran the Royal papers set on Photo Quality Inkjet Paper and the 
Somerset on Glossy film.

Now I need to figure out what the best way is to fill my cartridges the 
second time. I get a good fill the 1st time but I need to decide on how I 
want to seal the exit port for the 2nd fill, replace the seal or use tape, 
so I can pull a good vacuum.


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From: John Burch <john2004@bga.com>
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Subject: Monitor cals/WiziWYG/Generations ink/paper
Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2000 14:10:09 -0600

I've been using Generations ink for a week or two now on Epson Photo Paper
and one of mediastreet.com's coated papers (Royal Weave) on a 1200. Thought
I should share my experiences on Windows 98SE.

At first, I had the monitor calibrated with Adobe Gamma and the screen was
white as I've used it for years. I was printing using PhotoShop 5.5,
parallel port,

EPSON 1200 profile,
unchecked Printer Color Management
PhotoPaper setting,
1440, Automatic, all adjustments zero,

The results were lighter than I liked. Had to change printer driver
britness a lot to compensate. There were subtle but distinct color shifts
compared to the monitor when using the CYMK Ballons.tif from the Photoshop
samples folder. I converted the mode to RGB before printing.

I downloaded WiziWYG and used it to calibrate the monitor by eye. The
screen color changed to a warm white that I would have called too warm. The
screen seemed brighter. The monitor brightness control had changed from +30
to +60. My two monitor system makes this very evident since I did not
calibrate the second screen.

BUT, as a side effect, now the printer output and the monitor are
identical! Both brightness and color.  As I've said, my color sense is not
super, but I can easily compare relative changes between adjacent colors
and this particular photo is filled with strips of distinct, adjacent 

I've got the WiziWYG target on order to handle other papers, but this Royal
Weave (same coating as Royal Plush), Generations Ink is so close to Epson
ink/PhotoPaper that I can not see a difference other than the glossy effect
on the Epson product.

Oh, yeah, the monitor is a Sampo 17" ($260) which is the most bang for the
buck  I've ever seen in a monitor. Excellent color controls, clear and
bright, and easily calibrated.

And no, I don't have finacial interest in any product mentioned, :-)

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