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Re: paper turning yellow

same experience here with the glossy Photo paper, around the white borders
of the image. Not much evidence of it on the image itself. I think it is due
to the nature of the hydrophylic surface (water loving), and I suspect the
interaction of that and moisture in the air. I have been spraying my prints
with a lacquer of late. Would love to hear if anyone knows whether this has
any archival effect that is proven.


>From: "Gerald Olson" <jerry_olson@und.nodak.edu>
>To: epson-inkjet@leben.com
>Subject: Re: paper turning yellow
>Date: Wed, Jan 5, 2000, 12:31 PM

>I had the same trouble with the new epson heavy weight matte photo
>paper, but the edges were yellow right out of the package. Not a good
>sign at all! Also, this paper prints identical to Media Streets dual
>sided matte paper, which is much cheaper than epson, and you can print
>on both sides. It is also much whiter than the epson paper. Not much
>reason to use the epson paper....
>w a d e a n d e r s o n wrote:
>> I've been using Epson S041141 Photo Paper and after about a month of sitting
>> out on a table the paper seems to be getting a yellowish hue to it.
>> has nothing to do with the inks, it is the paper itself especialy around the
>> edges.  Not too much but when I compare it to a new sheet, I can see a
>> definite difference.  I'm wondering if it is the paper or something in the
>> air?  maybe my gas heater, that is on the wall close by, is causing that?
>> or maybe something from the kitchen like cooking with olive oil that might
>> get in the air?  or is it the paper itself?
>> has anyone else had this prob?  or do I need to not leave the prints setting
>> out because of the crap in the air causing it? or maybe just not use any
>> more heat and quit cooking :)
>> In case you're wondering I'm printing on an epson 1200 using black ink only
>> for my black and white images
>> which brings another question.....   how archival are the epson black inks?
>> would the black fade to a gray eventually? and how long would I expect it to
>> last?
>> TIA
>> w a d e
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