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The word from GE-5000K fluorescent lamps

I received the word from GE concerning the different 5000K phosphors.  Here
it is.
I sent them my fax # to the the spectral chars.  When I get them, I will
scan them in, convert them to a JPEG, and put them on my FTP site, so that
you can download them.

Note that the f40c50 is the one you can get from Home Depot.
dear mr. jacobson:

thank you for visiting GELighting.com. the specs for the f40c50 and f40spx50
are as follows:

f40c50 initial lumens 2250, kelvin temp is 5000,cri is 90.
f40spx50 initial lumens 3200, kelvin temp is 5000, cri is 80.

if you have a fax#, we can check to see if there are spectral charts we can
send you. thank you for your inquiry. please be assured that we are working
to ensure a timely response to both your current and future inquiries.


the GELighting.com team


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