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Re: Lumijet RC Pearl Paper

At 04:03 PM 1/4/00 -0700, Donald wrote:

>The prints I am getting from an Epson1200 using a custom profile and
>printing on Epson Photo Paper are quite good, so I thought I would compare
>another paper, Lumijet RC Pearl, using the same image and print settings.
>What a mess!!  Thick pools of runny inks!!!  Why? What changes should I make
>to use this paper?  Thanks for any help.

Well, Mr. Tobie would probably tell you that
you need to profile the stuff.

I'll simply tell you that some papers don't
work well with Epson OEM inks.  In particular,
resin-coated papers don't work -- and I'm
guessing that's what the "RC" stands for on
the Lumijet paper you mention.

You might try some of the other paper-type
settings in the printer driver -- in particular,
use "back-lit film" to minimize the ink output.

The 1200 is notorious for delivering massive
doses of ink...

The papers that do work well with Epson inks
are those with clay/ceramic/kaolin coatings.
Watercolor papers "work" but are problematic
in other ways (lots of dot gain, poor 
contrast, etc.)

rafe b.

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