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RE: 120 (year) paper was Kodak paper

Dave King <kingphoto@mindspring.com> writes on 1 January 2000 at 19:18:51 -0500
 > It's interesting that two papers that look as similar as these two (Epson
 > Photo and Luminos Preservation Glossy) could print SO differently.
 > Profiling the Preservation with the 1200 and WiziWYG would be impossible
 > (AFAIK) because the printed test chart would be such a mess as to be
 > useless.  If there were a way for the typical user to dial down the ink
 > enough to print the test it might work, but I wonder if then there would be
 > enough color saturation.

A way to dial down the ink is to use different paper selections.  Try
the backlit film setting, in particular, to cut the ink down a lot.
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