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Re: New Epson Scanner

>Looks like a winner to me!  My Saphir Ultra at 1000 dpi just
>doesn't quite cut it for really satisfactory image files.
>Even the 1200 dpi machines are marginal.  I'm talking 6x6
>negatives, with approximately 4.5x6cm usable area.

Our extended family has gathered photos and genealogical data for a 
multi-generation family history album.  We want to convert to digital 
images, but thus far have not found a satisfactory scanner/printer 
combination.  Yes, some are "good" but none are "good enough". We have 
concluded that "not quite good enough" is not good enough at all.

Is there a scanner that _is_ "good enough" -- even though there is not a 
"good enough" printer -- such that we could archive the images for a future 
"good enough" printer or printing process?

Where might I find a tutorial re this issue?

What specs should I wait for?

What questions should I be asking?

What are others doing in this regard?

Until then we are making copy negatives and pasting in prints.  Ugh!


Jim Green

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