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refilling tests using the fed ports??

Well with all the other folks out there telling everybody about using the 
feed outlets ports  in the cartridges as a way to inject in here is a warning.

I have been refilling for almost 2 years now and I must say that the 
cartridges refill all the way with no air pockets. Now I do bond in 2 sets of 
vacuum fitting . I have never used the ink feed ports as a way to get ink in.

Well to make a long story I did finally try to use the feed port as the exit 
port for refilling. I turned the cartridges upside down so that these feed 
ports were pointed up.I then injected ink in the top of the cartridge (now 

I refilled over 200 CC and I still could see a large air pocket very nearl 
the feed ports! Hey I tried every trick even injecting with pressure but I 
could not get these air pockets to flush out. Of coarse I did check for air 
leaks before refilling and there were none!

Once again I never have had any air pockets form in this area  ( feed ports) 
due to the location of my vacuum fittings. I am using virgin empty catridges 
from MIS you can see the sponge through the plastic and you can see air 

So I just thought I would post that for what reason  using the feed ports is 
not a good idea at least not for me!  The location of the ink inlets and 
outlets when refilling is very critical!

But if things continue maybe the feed systems will end refilling?

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