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Re: Light Bulb Spectra etc., now OT

Mitch Valburg wrote:

> At 09:30 AM 1/2/00 -0800, you wrote:
> >Paxil is a drug usually given for anxiety attacts, or panic
> >Helps you feel good. Has some nasty side effects.
> >
> >
> Jerry, with all due respect, while this is true for some, for
others it is
> not.  I think you do a disservice to people who may be helped by
> medication by simplistically and unequivocally making such a
> statement.
> BTW, Paxil is an anti-depressant of the same class as Prozac
(SSRI), and
> prescribed more often for depression than anxiety disorders.
For anxiety
> disorders, it doesn't "help...you feel good" so much as it helps
you not feel
> overwhelmed by anxiety.  There's a difference.
> I apologize for posting this on-list rather than off, but I deal
on a weekly
> basis with people who have developed self-defeating fear of a
medication based
> on hyperbolic and often incorrect word of mouth.  I wanted those
who read
> Jerry's comments to hear the other side, rather than just
chiding him
> privately
> ;>)
> Mitch V.

Maybe Mitch Leben should add a cautionary note at the end of each
list post,"If you are relying on medical advice or information
from this list, you should see a doctor or funeral director".  :)

I doubt there is anyone on the list unsophisticated enough to be
misled by one very general and rather casual reference to a drug.

Bruce Roorda
Possum Hill Farm

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