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Re: color management box

>>Thanks for the suggestion Bruce, when I get back to the studio I'll give it
>>a whirl.  I seem to have licked the (intermitant) dark and miscolored
>>problem since just before leaving for the holiday by using only P to P
>>conversions in Photoshop, but so far haven't tried color adjust, sliders
>>set to zero.  <sigh> The things we windows users have to put up with...
>As usual, I'm a little behind the curve here.  As Ian so eloquently
>explained, "no color adjustment" is not at all the same thing as
>"color adjustment" with the sliders set to zero.  I suspected as
>much, but before I saw his note, I tried it anyway.  (It would have
>been nice....)  Fortunately, there are any number of ways to 
>accomplish the same thing in Photoshop.  I neutralized the worst
>of the tinted shadows I was getting with Kodak photo paper by
>using those simple-minded sliders in the PS Color Balance tool
>before printing.  At least they will let you make the adjustments
>separately for shadows, mid-tones and highlights, which is more
>than the Epson driver provides.

Well, I'm behing the curve too, but agree 100% that Ian is eloquent -
what's more, we windows users owe him another thanks.  Happy new year Ian!

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