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RE: Generation Inks

<From Bob Snow: In one sentence you say that you will be using the blacker
black in your 1200.  In the next sentence you say that it's
a hassle to refill a 1200 cartridge.  I was told a month or
so ago that they do not plan to put the blacker black in
cartridges, so I'm curious if that has changed????  I would
love to get it in cartridges, but like you, I don't plan to
refill presently.>

Jerry, I am also interested in this as I am thinking seriously of giving
Generations a spin in my 1200. I am definitely not going the refill route
(being way too faint of heart and just plain tired) so the black issue is a
big one. If the original, weak black is in the cartridges, then what do you
(and others informed on this subject) suggest? Can you use an alternative
black? OEM, for example?

Also, I have heard that pigmented inks do not have the transparency
necessary for true photographic output. What is the experience on this score
with Generations?

I had planned to have my 1200 up and running with Silver inks by this time,
but they are nowhere to be found and what's more, we now know that they are
not all the archival anyway. So, decisions, decisions ... .

Happy New Year,

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