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Re: Color Space -- not at all OT

In a message dated 1/1/00 12:08:37 AM, fwphoto@lrbcg.com writes:

>I've been
>doing exactly as you suggest & change my workspace to sRGB when I'm
>printing one of these images.
>It would seem to me that that would be the preferred method for trouble
>free printing. That is, not even messing with file conversion.
>Is the trouble worth it or doesn't it really matter?

Depends... once a file is gamut limited to sRGB, unless you intend to crank 
the saturation in a larger color space, its not going to get any wider. That 
leaves consistancy, say to have all the images in a document from the same 
workingspace, and such reasons. But I should also point out that changing 
workingspaces is not an option if your printer profiles were built in 

C. David Tobie
Design Cooperative
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