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Re: Generation Inks

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From: Gerald Olson <jerry_olson@und.nodak.edu>
To: <epson-inkjet@leben.com>
Sent: January 01, 2000 10:37 AM
Subject: Re: Generation Inks

> Len, I talked to Norm Levy at Media Street. He assures me
that the
> Generations inks will go through the 1200 printer with no
problems. If
> you get the generations inks, be sure you get the new much
> "beta" black ink. You will not be happy with the original
black, which
> is a dark charcoal gray.  The new black and the Color
Generations inks
> make beautiful photographs and paintings on a 1200. I use
them all the
> time in my 3000 printer, and will be getting the Black
Generations beta
> ink for my 1200. I will stick with the epson color inks
only because its
> such a hassle to refill a 1200 color cartridge.
> Jerry


In one sentence you say that you will be using the blacker
black in your 1200.  In the next sentence you say that it's
a hassle to refill a 1200 cartridge.  I was told a month or
so ago that they do not plan to put the blacker black in
cartridges, so I'm curious if that has changed????  I would
love to get it in cartridges, but like you, I don't plan to
refill presently.

Happy New Year,

bob snow

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