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Re: 1160 For Quadtones

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From: Northeastern Motorcycle Tours <sreid@sover.net>
To: <epson-inkjet@leben.com>
Sent: December 31, 1999 1:08 AM
Subject: 1160 For Quadtones

> I haven't been able to monitor the list very well lately
but I have noticed
> the comments about the 1160.  Earlier this year when the
initial excitement
> about desktop quadtones was in high gear, we discussed how
the 900 might
> make a superb quadtone printer with it's 3 picoliter
drops.  I'm currently
> doing color on the 1200 and quads on the 800 but am
thinking that
> purchasing an 1160 for quadtones (instead of another 1200
or 900) might be
> a good idea.   I'm guessing from MIS's pricing section
that the 1160 would
> have a lower running cost per page than the 1200 w/o any
decrease in
> quality.  In fact, at 4 picoliters instead of 6, it might
even be a
> superior choice.  Has anyone had first hand experience
with quads on the
> 1160 compared to sixtones on the 1200?  I'm curious to
know. Thanks.
> Sean Reid
> Northeastern Imaging
> Northeastern Motorcycle Tours


I may get reprimanded, but I think the 1160 would be a great
machine for quads OR archival color.  I have it and the 1200
and the differences are very subtle.  Also, it will use the
same 3rd party cartridges as the 1520, so no waiting for
availability.  Caveat - one would most certainly want some
sort of profiling software to use with it.

Happy New Year,

bob snow

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