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Re: Monitor calibration

Thanks. I just placed my order for a new PC here at home (Micron 600MHz w/19"
monitor, Win98), so when it arrives the first thing I'll do is go through the
color management stuff from scratch. I have Real World Photoshop 4, a great
reference, guess I need to upgrade my books too!

Dave King wrote:

> And if you find you want to move into desktop printing on a serious level,
> consider upgrading the imaging workstation computer to a Win 2000 box (when
> they become available), or a Mac.  I use a Dell PIII 500 with 512 megs ram,
> 22 gig HD, built in CD burner, and 19" Triniton Dell monitor which I
> plunked down $3300 for about 6 months ago, this after fooling around with a
> laptop with Win 95 and an Epson 600 for about a year.  Macs have a more
> mature color management system, but windows boxes can be made to work, and
> Win 2000 is by all reports better than 98.  You may run into frustrating
> limits with 95, particulary if you want real color management in your system.

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