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Re: EZColor Problems

Had the exact same problems with Wiziwyg, but I didn't have as much 
persistence as you evidently have had.  I've given up tweaking the process
until either (1) I get a new scanner, (2) the promised new release comes 
out, or (3) the PC version of Matchlock's software comes on the market
(although this alternative requires starting over again......)

Gary Hunt <glh@srv.net>

At 10:02 PM 12/30/1999 -0000, Ian Lancaster wrote:
>Any news on when the next release of EZ will be available?  I've spent many
>happy hours over the holiday period tweaking my printed color patches with
>adjustment layers in PhotoShop to fool the software into creating more
>accurate/acceptable profiles.
>I've been trying to address two problems: dark blues printing tending to
>purple, and difficulty getting neutral blacks.  I am inclined to think that
>the underlying problem is with the scanner. Although it's an Epson :-)  636
>(7000 in the UK) and therefore quite well suited to profiling, it's not good
>at delivering accurate RGB values from scans of the very dark patches (GS20,
>GS21, Dmax) on the IT8 target.  This seems to confuse EZColor into creating
>profiles which translate 0,0,0 into bizarre output values.  In fact, I've
>profiled the same saved scan of my IT8 target several times and got a
>different profile each time, with 0,0,0 translating to anything from 20,8,14
>to 5,0 40  !!   Of course, with near black it's not too important to have
>near equal RGB values, but it would be nice for those values to be close to
>zero. However, this only happens if I un-check black point compensation
>during the profile to profile conversion.  Trouble is, doing the latter
>crushes all my shadow detail as well.
>I'm not sure what causes some blues to tend towards purple, but again I
>think the scanner is the culprit. I've been able to fix this with a couple
>of hue/saturation adjustments to the printed color patches at the expense of
>some accuracy in the rendition of some other blue shades. No great loss as
>EZ is at its least accurate with blue in any case, as long ask sky blues are
>still ok.

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