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Purge/clean alert

I'm posting this with a new subject heading, but for background, you can 
check out the "Help: Initialize!" thread. 

A couple of us have had our 3000 printers go belly-up during the process of 
using cleaning cartridges and purging old inks/installing new inks. It seems 
possible that all that ink (and cleaning solution) being laid down on the ink 
pads may cause them to overfill, triggering a printer shutdown. And requiring 
a visit to Epson Repair in Indianapolis.... 

Does anybody know more about this? Has anyone else had this experience? Is 
there a way to guard against it in the future? (Does letting the pads dry out 
overnight help?) Any information might be very useful to the ink-changers on 
this list. 
TIA,         --David Stock 
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