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Re: PressReady Quiting

<x-flowed>j wilhelm
>Thank you Tyler!  You are a star!
>Your advice proved to be the missing link.  I had been accessing my
>extensions by way of the extension manager and there is no folder called
>PressReady Resources.  It is in the system/extensions folder though and
>increasing the memory there was the right thing to do.  I have a lot to
>learn when it comes to Mac file management and extensions.

  Extension Manager is used to set which extensions will load next 
time you start up.
  You can save these settings to a Set.
  Use Extension manager to select which Set you want to have load 
during the next start up.
  Because Extension Manager can do this, it is also a useful trouble 
shooting tool.

  Holding down the space bar immediately when you are starting up, 
makes the Extension Manager pop up allowing you to change Sets, 
change what is set to load or not load in an existing Set.

  After you have made your selections, click the button which says 
either continue or resume to continue the start up.

<http://www.apple.com/usergroups/program/>  use the Locator button, 
see if there are any nearby Mac User Groups or MUGs. They can be a 
great, inexpensive resource of local Mac talent. You will meet people 
who have been through the same learning curve you are on now. And 
many folks will help you outside of the meetings.

  An intro to the Extension Manager, the Get Info, About This 
Computer, Preferences Folder and other items I'm sure to overlook in 
this brief email will help. With that done,  you know where to be 
looking when trying to resolve a problem. Or who/what the players 
are. A phone call to a local MUG member can save you a lot of 
searching ;)

Best Wishes


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