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Re: Cable for Epson 3000 to G4 computer

<x-flowed>> Thats why I need to hear from someone who is actually using a G4 
>with an epson 3000.

I'm using a G4 but not yet with the 3000.

> I know that there are a few on this list that are.

It still might be better to ask about this on the epson list for Mac 
users specifically.

> Why would I need an ethernet card [for the 3000]?

Because Apple left the serial ports off the G4s (and the most recent 
G3s). And because you can use this network technology instead, for 
about $200 - $300, all told, the last time I looked (start on 
epson.com). Expensive, but I believe it preserves the ink-monitor 
function, and losing it could be expensive too.

You also can adapt the usb output to the 3000's parallel input. The 
adapters are relatively inexpensive but don't preserve the 
ink-monitor function. Also an Epson accessory.

Or you can add a serial port to your G4. Cheaply without the 
ink-monitor function. Or via GeeThree's Stealth product (see 
geethree.com). Which is also cheap but replaces your internal modem. 
So then you have to add a modem if you use one. But it's still less 
than the ethernet option, and GeeThree claims their Stealth serial 
port preserves the ink-monitor function. I believe it, but I haven't 
tried it for lack of a good alternative to the modem.

Good luck.


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