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Re[2]: Epson long life ink

Wire wrote:

> He wrote 70K lux (70,000)

Sorry, didn't see the "k".

In which case, it would be at least three or four times brighter than
direct sunlight(?). Perhaps they use a system of reflectors and
lenses to obtain this value. I wonder if they have a problem with

There has been very little published by Wilhelm, or Epson, or others
about the exact methodology for extrapolating short, intense exposures
into predictions of life, in years. There are many factors, such as
reciprocity law failure, which could skew these measurements.

Another area to question would be the use of florescent lighting for
these tests. Florescents have a discontinuous spectrum and are very
seldom used for illumination in galleries or museums. The most common
sources are daylight(through skylights, etc.) or tungsten (including
halogen), which may not correlate with florescent.

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