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Genuine Fractals Print Pro

I have an off-list question regarding Genuine Fractals Print Pro, but I
recall that GF discussion has taken place here in the past.

My immediate need for GF is to re-size a 50Mb file to 300 or 400Mb, so I
can make a large format print of a portion of the image.

After firing up GF Print Pro, I find that any effort to re-size this 50
Mb file is taking forever.  While the documentation that came with GF is
sparse, and tech support is closed for the holidays, I was hoping that
someone out there has the answer to this problem.

I installed the 1.0.7 upgrade patch, and the GF Print Pro plug-in is
running in Photoshop 5.0.1 on a G3 Mac with 768 Mb of Ram (450 Mb
assigned to Photoshop).

The documentation indicates that  GF Print Pro may use virtual RAM and
disk cache (is this actually an improvement?) to lessen RAm
requirements.  I've never used virtual RAM, as my dynamic RAM is usually
adequate.  If this is the problem, is there some way to get this
software to utilize dynamic RAM?


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