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wiziwyg workflow worked for me

I finally did get wiziwig to work for me under windows 98 se. I talked
to Joshua at Praxi, he is a very pleasant and helpful guy. A couple of
tips to pass on. the scanner profile I got to work quite well indeed.
Its used in an unexpected place, at least for me. You scan outside of
photoshop, that is using your scanner as a stand-alone app with all
color correction turned off. Save the resultant file as a tiff. Use PS
to open the file with preferences set to ask when opening an unknown RGB
file. You then convert from your wiziwyg scanner profile to your working

Now to use the printer profiles you create....with your color matched
image on screen you do a profile to profile transform using your printer
profile for the paper and ink you have made previously using wizi as the
"to" space.Then print making sure you have all color correction
including Epson's "automatic"  turned off. The screen looks pecuilar but
the print-outs I have been getting are pretty good. I have managed to
profile the Epson Photo and Osprey so far with very good results.

Robert Jackson
Digital Magic

Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt.
Dance like nobody's watching

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