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Re: The Horse Race, and Matchlock From Horses

> ... this stuff
> is going to have to get simpler and more
> automatic before it catches on with the
> masses. Either that, or they're going to
> have to explain it better.  Much better.

Rafe, I must be missing something. I'm no genius and this just doesn't
seem that hard to me. Also, this stuff is not for the masses.
> With complete PCs selling for $500-$1000,
> how many folks will be willing to shell 
> out an extra $300 for a monitor calibrator,
> or even $80 for something like Wisiwyg?
> Or a few hundred for a "Profile Editor"
> or a nice CMYK RIP?  And even if cost is no
> object, who's got the time to master
> all these toys?

Well then why buy Photoshop, for apparently more than the computer?
These are all tools, that some need and some don't.
So why not just stick to what you're doing if it works for you? Or do we
all need to be doing the same thing? I need to be compliant with the
outside world, I get scans from outside sources, sometimes my files are
output elsewhere. For me to have all this work my files must be tagged,
and files coming to me should be tagged as well. I had enough bad
experience with trying to get LVT output from my old PS4 files, which
were created in some arbitrary monitor space unknown to the film recorder.
Doing critical work with esoteric inks and papers would be near
impossible without profiles and the means to implement them.
If you are happy with your results and the working process then my hat
is off to you, that's all I'm trying to do as well. This process has
allowed me to do things I only dreamed of 2 short years ago.
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