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Re: The Challenge

On 10 Dec 1999, Roger Snyder wrote:

> >Is it not true that pcs have 90% of the software market and only about 10%
> >of software is made for macs?
> >TIm Meadows
> No.  It is, however, true that MS has control of 90% of the market, but
> there are over 15,000 products made for Macs, including virtually all MS
> products.  In fact, that was the basis of the $150kk that MS put into Apple
> stock, which is now worth 1.5kkk.  The major difference in available s/w is
> in games and certain niche s/w, most of which exists for repair or
> modification of existing MS glitches (ie, the one that cleans up after
> Windows leaves a bunch of garbage files when it quites w/o removing them,
> and eventually causes problems).  If you remove all these s/w types from
> both platforms, the difference is slight.  But that doesn't account for the
> superior products on the Mac side, such as Nisus Writer, as one glaring
> example.

Roger, the "difference in available software" is not at all
as narrow or simplistic as you make it out to be.  And that's
putting it rather nicely.

A few weeks ago, I posted to this list a detailed response to 
Richard Moyer on this very topic.  In the field of engineering 
(which is what I do for a living) the Mac is very sparsely used,
and very poorly supported.  By the same token, in graphics and color
management, quite the opposite is true.

Again, lots of generalizations in your post.  Why is it that
only one person in the Mac camp has posted simple benchmark
results to campare with those of my lowly AMD clone --
in spite of the glib claims of G3s and G4s "toasting" PCs on
simple Photoshop tasks?

IMHO, some people buy M$ and Dell products for exactly the 
same reason that others buy Macs and Apple products.  It
gives them a warm, fuzzy feeling buying from a big brand,
and using "native" software.

15 years ago there was a maxim in the corporate world,
"Nobody ever got fired for buying an IBM product."  The
same logic applies, still, though the name brands have

rafe b.

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