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Re: The Challenge

>Is it not true that pcs have 90% of the software market and only about 10%
>of software is made for macs?
>TIm Meadows

No.  It is, however, true that MS has control of 90% of the market, but
there are over 15,000 products made for Macs, including virtually all MS
products.  In fact, that was the basis of the $150kk that MS put into Apple
stock, which is now worth 1.5kkk.  The major difference in available s/w is
in games and certain niche s/w, most of which exists for repair or
modification of existing MS glitches (ie, the one that cleans up after
Windows leaves a bunch of garbage files when it quites w/o removing them,
and eventually causes problems).  If you remove all these s/w types from
both platforms, the difference is slight.  But that doesn't account for the
superior products on the Mac side, such as Nisus Writer, as one glaring

MS has hundreds of dedicated Mac programmers on staff, and over 1/4th of MS
income comes from Mac s/w.

I think not.


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