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RE: The Challenge+ G4 and Athlon

On Thu, 9 Dec 1999, John Brubaker wrote:

> Rafe - I just upgraded to an Athlon 700 on Asus System board.  If you give
> me the benchmarking program, or specs., I will run them for you.  My system
> does very well with Photoshop, but I probably need a bit more memory (I have
> 256m. now and should have 512m. ).  Thanks --- John.

John, all I did was run a series of Photoshop
operations on a randomly-chosen Photoshop file --
things like resample, Gaussian Blur, Unsharp
masking, Watercolor filter, distort, and so on.
The file was a 24-bit RGB file, total size of
around 26 Mbytes (2500x3700 pixels or so.)
(I use Photoshop 4.01, though, and I realize
most everyone else is using 5.x)

The post with my "results" was about 2 days
ago, you might be able to dig through the list
archives (maybe even on your own computer) and
find it -- I can't access it from here at the

Bill Gore did respond privately with measurements
from his 350 MHz G3.  Most of his timings were
faster by a factor of not-quite-two.  Eg.
Watercolor filter ran in 125 seconds on my AMD K2-350,
and 70 sec. on his G3.  Bill was actually the only
person, from either camp, to respond with real

rafe b.

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