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Re: OT:PhotoShop 5.0 Suggested Reading?

Keith wrote:
>    I may actually be obtaining my on copy of PhotoShop 5.0 very soon!  The
>cost for this software is a bit outragouse in my book, but anyway, I was
>wondering if any of you had a good suggestion on any books I may want to
>locate and read to aid me in the learning process of image editing, filter
>use, ect.
>    Any other suggestions for teaching me the fine art and use of this
>software would also be appreciated!
>As always, thatnks for the help!!

My favorite is Real World Photoshop 5 by Blatner and Fraser.  It is
encyclopedic and about as readable as things encycopedic get. Not sure if
they have updated it for version 5.5 which is what you will probably get if
you are just now buying Photoshop.  But the basics are all still valid.

Dan Culbertson

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