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Re[2]: Need good software for building color profiles (but nowturned to platform ranting)

<x-flowed>>Tony Karp wrote:
>The good news is that a couple of weeks ago, the Mac users had a hissy
>fit and started their own mailing list, why, I can only conjecture,
>but I guess that Macs have special Epson problems that can't be
>discussed here. Perhaps you can join them.
>In the meantime, can we go back to discussing printing, and
>printing-related problems?

I hope your conjecture is wrong and that your ouster of Mac users from
this epson list is not widely supported. But I won't stay where I'm
not welcome. Did I misrepresent your sentiments? Well, I'm a Mac user
and you certainly misrepresented mine. . . I had no "hissy fit". --Ken

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