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Where's my Color Space?

Hello all,

I have been having trouble getting good prints from some Kodachromes
that I had scanned as Photo CD's at my nearby custom photo lab. I am
trying to make sense of my workflow in order to find out where I am
damaging my files.  (Posterization & crossover in shadows from too much
manipulation I guess).  Maybe they're just bad scans but I still have a
few questions.

When I open the PCD file I have to specify the source and destination
profile.  My source is Kodak Photo CD Univ. K-14 v3.2 and until now I
have been uncertain which destination profile to use.  I have been using
one of the canned Epson profiles since I have a Photo 700 (no free cone
profiles) and am a windoze person who has not gotten Wyziwig yet.  My
question concerns file conversion.  If I use a Printer profile as my
destination does PS5 still convert the file into my working space which
is Adobe RGB 98? Real World PS says to specify your "RGB set-up space"
as the destination, but I don't have this space as a choice.  Where is
it?  In Profiles set-up I have my set-up space (Adobe 98) specified so I
think that PS is converting the file to my working space regardless of
what I tell the dialog box to use as a destination.  Now, when I go to
print I am again uncertain exactly how to configure my epson printer
driver.  Should I use ICM with Adobe RGB as my Space or should I turn
off PCM since I already supposedly selected my printer profile when I
opened the file into PS.

I AM hopefully going to one day get this Color management stuff, but
until then I must say I have learned a lot from this list already. 
Thanks for any help you all can give me.

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