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Re: G4 Lust

Heh heh, maybe Apple will give G4's to members of the Epson list in order to
convert a very influential user base.  ;>)  I need a gig of RAM in mine
please!  If only they would offer them with built-in CD burners.....

>Tony Karp wrote:
>>Please don't believe that inside every PC user there lurks a poor
>>fool who lusts after a G4. Hard as it may be to believe, there are
>>actually PC users who are happy and productive, in many fields,
>>including graphics.
>Aargh, Tony...
>Though I'd take some minor offense at the "poor fool" part,
>I'd love to have a G4 to fiddle with.
>All of you on this list who wish to help me satisfy my G4
>lust are welcome to send a donation to the "Rafe Needs a G4
>Fund"... send me some email, and I'll tell you where to send
>the check.  Postal money orders and cashiers checks only, please.

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