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Re: Retailers vs. mail order


I have but one comment:  I think the thread is intended to
include the super-stores rather than the local independent
merchant.  However, in many cases, I find that the local
guys here in my small town know how to assemble a computer,
deliver it, set it up, and then support it.  That's fine.
They are a valuable 'tool' for the uninitiated in computers.
In most cases, though, they do not stray into uncharted
waters.  Can't say that I blame them, unless they choose to
pursue a particular market niche  (like inkjet printing for
serious users) that might be profitable.

Anyway, I don't think that it was intended to flame the
local merchant at all...the CompUSA's of this country are
the offenders.  You cannot get reliable help from them
usually, and what they have in stock is overpriced when
compared to the current mail order on-line firms.  You
cannot get help from the mail order folks either, just a
better price.  In my case, it also saves a 150-160 mile
drive.  The Texas sales tax usually about trades out for the
shipping charges.

It's the old story of Wallmart vs. local merchants.  Yes,
they destroy a lot of small businesses.  That's sad.  That's
reality.  And what really makes me grind teeth are the ads
that proclaim they are super community-minded. Yeh, sure.

To put this back on list, Wallmart's here does not carry
Epson printers...just HP.  Likewise, four local computer
storesl. Go figure.


bob snow

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