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Re: Need good software for building color profiles

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From: rafeb <rafeb@channel1.com>
> snip
> The leading low-cost contenders appear to be
> Wisiwyg (www.praxisoft.com) and Monaco EZ-Color.
> snip
> There's also an upcoming 3rd option that C.D.
> Tobie's mentioned, from a company called Horses.
> No time frame for that, other than "real soon now."
> rafe b.


I guess you didn't see my post 1-2 days ago.  Go look at
Jon's site:  http://www.inkjetmall.com/store/home.html

If it works well, it will have much expanded capabilities at
a very reasonable price.  If the time schedule holds up, it
will be available TOMORROW.

Re wiziwyg for win98, I have downloaded it, but there are
really NO instructions included.  Another person who
downloaded it said he called Praxisoft and they said a
'manual' would be forthcoming.  I hope it's soon...I have a
target, some software, and I haven't a clue exactly how to
proceed...or at least in what order.  Of course, in this
field, confusion rules.

Whether any of these works with WinNT 4, I don't know.
Perhaps CD will help in this regard.


bob snow

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