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Re: USB/Mac (PC) Printing Question

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<DIV><FONT face=Arial size=3>If you are going to spring for a PCI parallel port 
adapter; why not purchase and try the Belkin Parallel to USB adapter and see if 
it works differently than the Epson.&nbsp; It is specifically for printers only 
and will not work with other devices. It costs more than the PCI parallel port 
card but get it from someplace where you can return it if it does not 
work.&nbsp; If it works, you are in like Flynn - to coin a phrase :-); if it 
doesn't, you will not be out anything once you return it and get your money 
back.&nbsp; Then you can get the PCI parallel card.</FONT></DIV>
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  <DIV><BR></DIV><FONT size=3>Laurie,<BR><BR></FONT><FONT face=arial size=3>
  <BLOCKQUOTE cite type="cite">Once again I am a little confused.&nbsp; Why do 
    you have to use the Epson USB/Parallel adapter kit?&nbsp; Belkin and other 
    third party cable&nbsp; manufactures all make similar adapters.&nbsp; I am 
    using the Belkin adapter on an older Epson stylus Photo to connect it up to 
    my USB port. </FONT></BLOCKQUOTE><BR>Yes, that is what I thought, but the 
  instructions in the kit specifically said that the current driver would not 
  function with the parallel adapter. I tried it anyway after I began to have 
  problems; they were right, it would not work.<BR><BR>I am beginning to think 
  that the PCI parallel port is the only viable option.<BR><BR>Thanks 
  <DIV>Julie and Andrew Crain C.P.P.</DIV>
  <DIV>Crain Photography</DIV>
  <DIV>toll free 1.888.242.1440</DIV>
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