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Footcandles and Lux

To demystify the lighting discussion, here are some recommended
lighting levels that will give you a feeling for the amount of light
you'll find under various circumstances.

I had to add the values for Lux because most lighting engineers in
this country still use footcandles. Wilhelm's use of Lux as a measure
of illumination has caused a certain amount of confusion.

       Recommended Light Levels

        Task Area            Footcandles   Lux(approx)
Corridors/Stairways/Restrooms   10-20      107-214
Storage Rooms                   10-50      107-538
Conference Rooms                20-50      214-538
General Offices                50-100     538-1070
Drafting/Accounting           100-200    1070-2140
Areas with VDTs                    75          807
Classrooms                      50-75      538-807
Cafeterias                         50          538
Gymnasiums                      30-50      322-538
Merchandising                  30-150     322-1614
Manufacturing Assembly         50-500     538-5380

Note: to find equivalent Lux,
multiply footcandles by 10.76391

Wilhelm's tests simulate a viewing level of 450 Lux.

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