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Re: Science and Inkjets

What would we need to have a standard description of what was intended
in a print so that it could be reproduced in a future medium? But even
given this the problem will be that our intentions will tend to be
formulated in terms of what is possible in current media and may not be
entirely applicable to what we would see in the image in future media.
How critical need we be? Certainly most of the art we see in museums has
shifted color to some extent. Huge magenta shifts are deadly, certainly,
but in the end what counts is art not science and what is acceptable
will vary with the characteristics of the image.

John Matturri

> The reason why archive quality was a big issue in the past was because
> the print was the original material.
> Now the original material is a digital file which   to all intents and
> purposes has an infinite life.
> What should be happening now is a shift in focus towards marketing the
> archive quality of the digital file.

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