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Pitiful 6-ink results - NOW where do we go?

Royce Bair wrote:

> Remember, the Lysonic E inks were
lasting >120 years on the Luminos Lumijet DW Premium Glossy and
Tapestry X papers, so there's a good chance they should last at 30-40
years with the 6-ink Silver inks.


Oh, come on Royce. What good does this kind of idle speculation serve? We
know that ink-to-ink comparisons aren't valid. Why try to guess at numbers
when the tests are underway? Let's just be patient. The results will come.

In the meantime, if you're using Fotonic/Silver inks, why switch when there
is no hard evidence one way or the other? Likewise if you aren't yet using
them, are the other characteristics (larger ink gamut than Lysonic E) worth
the risk independent of absolute archival results?

BTW, just read the page on fade testing.


In the procedure it says, "Then we oven dry the paper at 140 degrees
Fahrenheit until it is totally dry." Didn't someone on the list mention that
the dyestuffs in any dye-based ink would disintegrate if the temperature was
raised above about 120 degrees F? It seems to me that this would invalidate
the tests for all dye based inks, Epson or otherwise. Wilhelm's tests
control the temperature to 75 degrees F. I think that the amount of
acceleration being employed in these tests may well simply incinerate the
dyestuffs changing their character so completely that the results are not

I fully understand your wanting early results, but are others on the list
bothered by this procedure? It seems that this test simply shows that MIS
inks are more 1) waterproof; 2) bleach resistant; and 3) heat resistant than
dye-based inks. It really doesn't say much about their light-fastness in
practical display conditions.

Miller Abel
Santa Cruz, CA

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