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Re: Comparing Epsons to Iris

Royce Bair wrote:

> Please remember that we are also talking about a "family" of watercolor
> papers- -- these test results apply to all 3 of the Lysonic watercolor
> [Standard, Soft & Rough]


While I wouldn't be surprised if similar test results were obtained for
these three papers (since they are made from the same paper base and use the
same coating, as you observed) Henry Wilhelm is testing (has tested) each
paper separately. The August version of his web site shows results for
Lysonic i W-2 inkset (a special formulation designed by Lyson to be used by
an Iris printer to image their matched papers). In these listed results,
Lysonic Standard Fine Art is given at 28-32 years. But, specific entries in
the table for Lysonic Soft Fine Art Paper and Lysonic Rough Fine Art Paper
are given as "(tests in progress)."

Why would Lyson submit and pay for tests on papers that some (most?) folks
claim are identical to the "Standard Fine Art Paper" unless they believe
that there are differences between the papers to warrant the expense of
separate tests? What differences are known to exist other than surface

What were the results for these papers with Lysonic i W-2, did he report
these in the recent release?

And, thanks Royce, for sharing not only the results but your experience in
the paper biz! Much appreciated (even if it doesn't always seem like it :-)

And thanks to the other list members who have tirelessly picked at my (and
other) arguments. I've found the open exchange of opinions to be most
helpful in sorting through the confusion. I'm sure we're not done yet!

I'm off for a couple of weeks to the Caribbean (with cameras) for some image
hunting and R&R. Already looking forward to a couple of megabytes of digests
when I return!

Miller Abel
Santa Cruz, CA

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