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Re: Opaque black ink for 1520

I know of two of them... one by Amanda Inks, called JetLack I believe, 
and the other from AutoType.
I believe the Amanda one needed their substrates as well, while the 
Autotype works on standard inkjet transparency media.
The Autotype claims to reach a density of 3.5 or so... almost like film. 
I do have a sample here that I brought from Ipex last year, and it seems 
to be true.

Now, regarding specific cartridge availability for the 1520, I don't 
know... I saw the Amanda demoed on an Encad Novajet, and the Autotype on 
a small HP DeskJet.
But it's very likely that they have for the 1520, or in bottles to refill 
your own...

I wish I had the URLs at hand... sorry. Probably you can find them in a 
search anyway.


-- Roberto Michelena
   EOS S.A.
   Lima, Peru
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