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4 color inksets in 6 color printers?

O.K., Jon and CD and Dan and other gurus, here's my question of the day.
If one were to fill the color cartridge of an epson 1200 with C in the c
compartment, and M in the m compartment, how well would a custom profile be
able to deal with this?  

I'm thinking that recent comments on the Epson drivers, namely that 6 color
drivers first do their RGB to CMYK conversion, and THEN decide how to split
the Cc and Mm apart, might imply that with the proper CMYK profile applied
through a RIP or a CMYK driver like Jon's upcoming one or the Sundance R9,
you could use the 6 color printers with the (apparently) longer-lasting 4
color inksets.  Any thoughts?

Mitch V.

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