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Re: (H2O+ink)=(photo-ink) Y/N?

sinar1@binary.net wrote:
> > > To get to the right Light Magenta point, try 1 part ink to 6 parts
> distilled
> > > water. But would not recommend this!
> >
> > But I'm still very curious, and I value your advice, so please elaborate
> > why you would not recommend this.
> All ink mixture are to a degree "black magic". To make them work for all
> printers in all situations requires very complex considerations. Piezo
> printers appear to be more forgiving in ink formulation, but the one thing
> they all inkjet formulations have in common is the use of an agent to keep
> the nozzles from clogging during periods of non-use. If you plan on using
> your printer day & night, seven days a week, I guess the use of water would
> be okay.
>  At the dilutions I'm referring to (1 part ink-6 parts water), the basic ink
> chemistry is totally upset. If you can get clear ink base to use as a
> diluent, it would be a different story.
> But remember, you can't just use "any" ink base, if you want to keep the
> characteristics (archival??) of the base ink you are using. Additionally, at
> those high dilution rates, your dye is more susceptible to fade, and will
> show fading much quicker. This is the prime reason that the 6-color sets
> have that much shorter lives.

Actually, I wasn't looking for archival.  I've run out of 6-color inks
and happened to have on hand this bulk 4-color inkset I wanted to use.


Thanks for illuminating.  Though I got more info than I bargained for,
for a curious person like me it's very welcome and much appreciated!

Given inherent archivability problems and higher costs, IMHO, it's
becoming apparent (to me, anyway) that CcMmYK printers are going down a
cul-de-sac.  "Not so fast," somebody's going to say.  No prob.  I will
type very, v e r y  s l o w l y . . .  :-)

In any case, for my next serious color desktop printer I'll look for A2
capable, individual tank CMYK, 1440 dpi, inkdot size not important, 6
color not, spongeless yes, big tank yes, price yes yes yes!  Ahhhhh...

Then I wouldn't have to apprentice myself to learn the black arts at the
feet of alchemists mixing antifreeze into colored water.  :-)

Thanks again, and cheers!

Jon Chan
Y2K? Not a bug... Undocumented Future!

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