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Wilhelm's bombshell - understanding the latest test results

Royce Bair of TSSPhoto wrote:

> Please remember that we are also talking about a "family" of watercolor
- -- these test results apply to all 3 of the Lysonic watercolor papers
[Standard, Soft & Rough] and all 3 of the Lumijet watercolor papers
[Classic Velour, Museum Parchment & Flaxen Weave] -- because all these
papers are made from the same paper base, using the same coating.)

I find this difficult to believe. Even if the papers are made from the same
base and have the same coating, the surface texture _must_ affect how the
ink is absorbed and hence the light-fastness of the resulting print. I am
not willing to extend Henry's remarks for him or accept extensions of his
remarks from vendors. If he says it was for Lysonic Standard, then it does
*not* necessarily apply to Lysonic Soft or Lysonic Rough unless he
specifically states that it does. Family resemblence or no.

Miller Abel
Santa Cruz, CA

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