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Re: Did I Blow It?

At 12:02 AM 11/3/99 -0500, Len wrote:

>Did I just blow it by buying the Epson Stylus Photo 1200 for about $397 when
>I have just (my 1200 went out the door UPS ground to me today) when I could
>have bought the 1160 and its 4 picoliter drop size?
>I appreciate your comments.


Archival issues aside, I don't believe there's
a better photo printer, for 13" wide prints, than
the Epson 1200, in the $400 price range, at this

It appears that the 6-color printers are taking
a hit in the longevity department, because the
two diluted inks (light magenta and light cyan)
are most likely to fade.  So four-color printers
are now back in vogue.

Epson was handing out samples of prints made
on the 1200, at Photo Expo, and they were just

A couple of folks on the list have decided to
go with the latest generation of four-color
Epsons, again, for reasons of print longevity.
For example, Mr. Nollendorfs has talked extensively
about using Ilford archival inks on an Epson 900.

Right now, it's hard to know who to believe...
I'm vaguely inclined to agree with Jan Faul
(dog help me) that there may be something fishy
about the latest Wilhelm results.  But then,
it's in my nature to argue against the prevailing
wisdom.  ;-)

Personally, I've had damned good luck with
Epson OEM inks and Epson Photo Paper.  I just
don't seen the god-awful fading that others on
this list talk about.  (Knock wood.)  And it's
not like me to be unusually lucky about such

There are several other angles to the archival
mess that we're in...

1.  Keep your prints behind glass, properly
    matted and framed.
2.  Keep your prints away from direct sunlight,
    extreme temperature & humidity, etc.
3.  Use common sense.
4.  Avoid cheap papers.
5.  Sell your photos with a "replacement"
    warranty in case of fading.  The digital
    file should still be available if/when
    you need to re-print.
6.  Rotate your photos.  Hell, the prints are
    pretty cheap.  Who wants to look at the
    same picture for 30 years, anyway?
7.  Wait a year.  Everything will change.
    There will be new printers, new ink, new
    papers, etc.

rafe b.

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