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Re: Ultra-fill Tool Kits & Endura Inkset

I bought the Ultra-Fill/Endura kit a few weeks ago & am very pleased with
it. Have filled four color and four black cartridges, including one set a
second time. (I also made a set of cleaning/flushing cartridges which I
used when I switched from Epson ink to Endura.) It didn't take long to get
comfortable with the refilling process, which is not particularly messy.
The vacuum system works pretty reliably for me; I found a couple of color
chambers seemed to be losing the vacuum & took less than the expected
amount of ink. Turned out that air was entering through the hole in the
rubber septum in the vacuum adapter (I could hear it when I pulled the
vacuum syringe). The needles are pretty thick & make a rather large hole in
the rubber. I solved it by sticking a piece of scotch tape over the septum
when I pulled the vacuum and leaving it in place until I was ready to
inject the ink--no problems after doing this.

I like the inks in general, although the black is rather bluish compared to
Epson OEM black. Using WiziWYG profiles and some contrast adjustment in
Photoshop, I've been able to get richly-ranged prints with satisfying
darks. Color matching to my monitor is reliable, and the overall color is
more pleasing to me (more subtle) than I was getting with the Epson inks.
I'm not sure how controlled color matching would be without profiles for
this ink, though.

I'm using a 1520, send CMYK files to Photoscript Lite RIP, and print mostly
on uncoated printmaking papers: Rives BFK, Rives Heavyweight, Archival
Poster, Basingwerk, and some Japanese papers as well (Okawara & Kitakata).
I've also had good results on Epson Photo Paper.

A very positive experience for me!

Richard Wohlfeiler

>I am considering the Ultra-fill Tool Kit, ($29.95) and Endura Inks from
>WeInk. (www.weink.com).  Ultra Fill is a vacuum fill kit for epson and
>other inks.  I haven't decided on which ink set I will use but it is
>between generations, lyson and MIS and possibly Endura from Weink. All
>of these inks would be suitable for my purposes.  Paper is also
>uncertain. Archival permanence is the major consideration.   Endura inks
>from Weink use Lysonicú Fine Art Inks with High Stability #005 Yellow as
>its basic ingredient and are further toiled and bubbled by WeInk to
>create Endura. The way that Weink describes Endura inks on its web page
>sounds like using it is a black art known only to the cognoscenti of
>color matching and printmaking, which I am not one of.  I like the
>convenience claimed by Weink for the Ultra fill Tool Kit and the
>permanence claims of Endura.  Have any of you out there had experience
>with Ultra fill or Endura inks?  If so, what is your opinion?  Has this
>topic been coverd in earlier strings?  (I am new)  Thank you. Printer is
>epson 1520.
>Gene McLaughlin
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